Participant Benefits

Each class is comprised of a diverse group of participants with a mix of backgrounds, experiences, interests and learning styles. LTV offers a unique opportunity for participants to gain an inside look at some of the area’s most innovative organizations; connect to top business, government and civic leaders; and enhance their professional networks. Class members will have the opportunity to:

  • Forge strong relationships and gain a network of extensive contacts among classmates, alumni, the steering committee and session-day guests
  • Meet and interact with some of the best-known and highly effective local leaders throughout the Capital Region
  • Explore community issues and exchange ideas with classmates and community experts
  • Test and improve personal leadership and team skills by working on a class project to benefit our community
  • Be viewed as current/emerging leaders within their own organizations and the community
  • Identify areas of interest and opportunity for personal involvement in community organizations and board service.

“Being a part of the Leadership Tech Valley Class of 2008 has deepened my appreciation for the men and women of Tech Valley.  From the industry, education and research and service sector leaders whom we visited to our own 2008 classmates, I was able to see that those who live and work in our region are hard- working, creative, caring and giving people.  I believe the ties that have been forged over the past year will last a lifetime and benefit me personally and professionally.”
: :  Harris Oberlander | Trinity Institution-Homer Perkins Center, Inc.

Employer Benefits

Leadership Tech Valley sharpens participants’ abilities to lead by giving them an opportunity to interact closely with a diverse group of people with multiple perspectives. Participants are exposed to a solid network of community executives and decision makers. Sending an employee to program heightens the visibility of both the participant and the organization. Companies, organizations, and public agencies find that Leadership Tech Valley provides an opportunity to elevate their organization’s profile, while they expand employees’ leadership potential and their ability to contribute to their organization and the community.

Employer benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Employees have a better understanding of their leadership style and behaviors;
  • An increased awareness and appreciation for diversity in the workplace;
  • Are more informed citizens with enhanced business opportunities via broadened exposure and networking and now have camaraderie with community leaders and access to decision-making circles.

“I strongly encourage employers to include the Leadership Tech Valley program as a core curriculum for their future business leaders.”
: :  Hope DeRocha, PHR | Austin & Co., Inc.

“The Leadership Tech Valley program has opened my eyes to a multitude of things.  I have come to realize that on a daily basis we are surrounded by extraordinary people and organizations doing extraordinary things for our community.  The program has also provided me with so many experiences that I truly believe I would never have had the opportunity to be involved in had it not been for this program.  It has offered me the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, ultimately making me a better and more well rounded individual.  Throughout the course of the program, I spotted those leadership skills within myself that I needed to improve upon and it also made me recognize those leadership skills that I already possessed.”
: :  Nicole Helmer | Gordon, Tepper & DeCoursey

 Community Benefits

 Informed and enlightened citizens

  • A talent pool of trained leaders who can be called upon for collaborative decision making
  • Citizens who are motivated to make a difference

“Leadership Tech Valley has not only given me a renewed outlook of the community in which I live and work, but also the bright and talented people who are doing great things within it.”
: :  Courtney Buckley | M&T Bank

“Leadership Tech Valley has given me deeper access to regional issues, institutions and individuals, plus an even greater appreciation for where I live and work.”
: :  James J. Salengo | Downtown Schenectady Improvement Corporation