FAQs: Program Participant Sponsors

What are the benefits of selecting a participant?
Leadership Tech Valley sharpens participants’ abilities to lead by giving them an opportunity to interact closely with a diverse group of people with multiple perspectives. Participants are exposed to a solid network of community executives and decision makers. Sending an employee to LTV heightens the visibility of both the participant and the organization. Companies, organizations, and public agencies find that LTV provides an opportunity to elevate their organization’s profile, while they expand employees’ leadership potential and their ability to contribute to their organization and the community.

Employer benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Employees have a better understanding of their leadership style and behaviors;
  • An increased awareness and appreciation for diversity in the workplace;
  • Are more informed citizens with enhanced business opportunities via broadened exposure and networking and now have camaraderie with community leaders and access to decision-making circles.

How does a company select a candidate to participate in Leadership Tech Valley?
It is up to individual companies to decide on their selection process. Many companies have an internal selection process or they can choose to let employees know that the application process has begun to see who comes forward. In many instances employees will approach employers for this unique professional development opportunity.

What is the company or organization’s commitment?
Sponsors support their employees in the program to the best of their ability by giving them the time to participate and contributing to tuition.

Do you accept more than one applicant from a particular company or organization?
Occasionally we do if the applicants work in different departments and do not have daily interaction with each other. From time to time, larger organizations will have two applicants apply and go through the interview. If both applicants are strong candidates and the selection committee can only accept one candidate we will let the company decide which candidate will attend.

Do some companies or organizations have an internal selection process?
Many organizations regularly send participants through the program and have developed an internal identification and selection process. These organizations often rely upon their LTV Program graduates to complete the selection process. We encourage interested applicants to check with their employers before submitting an application. An internal selection process does not guarantee acceptance into the program. 

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