SuperPower, Inc.

DATE/TIME: Thursday, October 20, 2011 from 8-9 a.m.

LOCATION: 450 Duane Ave, Schenectady  (directions may be found at the SuperPower website under the ‘Contact Us’ page)


RELATED TOPICS: Economic Development

DESCRIPTION: SuperPower, Inc. uses core capabilities in materials science, cryogenics and magnetics to develop electric power components such as underground transmission and distribution cables, transformers, fault current limiters and motors and generators, utilizing state-of-the-art second generation high temperature superconducting (2G HTS) technology. These HTS devices, which will serve the utility industry and the military, offer increased efficiency, smaller footprint and lower weight when compared to existing equipment

More than 7% of the energy generated in the U.S. is lost during transmission and distribution. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that half of this loss could be eliminated by the application of HTS devices. This saving could amount to $16 billion per year, reducing our use of fossil fuels, as well as the generation of greenhouse gases and pollutant emissions.

Come learn about the science behind superconductivity and what the future holds for improving how we generate, transmit and consume electrical power.  We will also include discussions about the important role politics and the media play in an early stage development company.

DRESS CODE: Business casual

HOST: Trudy Lehner


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