Class of 2018 Project

Leadership Tech Valley Class of 2018 Project 

Field Before

Field Before

The Leadership Tech Valley (LTV) Class of 2018 has selected Wildwood School, a 501(c)(3), as our class project and we ask that you join us in our fundraising efforts. Funds donated to LTV will be invested into the development and installation of an outdoor track, “Field of Dreams”, which will be utilized for multiple physical education activities for the students. One of the goals for everyone at Wildwood is to live a life that maximizes independence, fulfillment and productivity. We not only want to provide a space for the students to increase their exposure to lifetime activities, but provide hope and self-assurance for their future.

Artist rendering of the field upon project completion

Artist rendering of the field upon project completion

Please consider making a financial contribution to the Capital Region Chamber Foundation to support the Leadership Tech Valley Class of 2018 project as we strive to make an impact on the Capital Region community, as well as the Wildwood School by way of supporting their mission and values. Your support will be recognized on the LTV Website, Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as at the “Field of Dreams” Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and our Graduation on June 8th.

Your online contribution can be made here:

*Please include your name and address to receive an acknowledgement letter for your donation.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to support our work and give back to the community, as we would be honored if you were a part of the 2018 LTV Class project.

Leadership Tech Valley is a program of the Capital Region Chamber Foundation, a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

Class Project Description

Wildwood School, the beneficiary of the proposed project, provides support for students between the ages of 5 to 21 with neurological impairments, complex learning disabilities, autism and other neurologically based developmental disorders. The school serves 220 students from 64 school districts within 13 counties of the Greater Capital Region, including the counties of Albany, Rensselaer, Schenectady, and Saratoga. In total, approximately 72% of the children receiving services from Wildwood School are from economically disadvantaged families.

These students are unable to successfully participate in many of the physical activity opportunities offered under the regular NYSED physical education program curriculum. Whether demonstrating the development and growth of movement skills, body and spatial awareness, motor skill planning, or manipulative skills, these students demonstrate severe motor impairments requiring highly structured, repetitive, and functional tasks.

In an effort to increase physical activity and provide students with opportunities to participate in activities in the community, Wildwood School recently launched PROJECT HEAL. The program is designed to engage students in regular physical exercise and increase their knowledge of how nutrition and exercise impact daily life. Exposing students to opportunities such as this plays an essential role in creating lifelong movers, physically educated community members, and true members of society. As part of the effort to increase physical activity and provide our students opportunities to participate in activities in the community, the physical education department has been offering several electives for students, including the Wildwood School’s Running Club. During Running Club students receive one ticket for every lap they walk/run in the gymnasium. In 2017, the club had participation from 110 students who combined to run over 1,100 miles during the school year!

Most recently, we have identified a dire need to expand opportunities for outdoor recreation and physical activities at Wildwood School. One of the areas identified as having potential to increase availability of outdoor recreation space at Wildwood School was a large field located behind the school. The field measures approximately 100ft x 100ft and is flat, well drained and clear of any septic or electrical obstacles. It is also currently underutilized. The goal is to develop the field into a small 90ft x 60ft outdoor track that will be utilized for multiple physical education activities.

Once the track is completed, Adapted Physical Education program staff at Wildwood School will supervise the project and subsequent programming. Physical activity programs will be offered to increase the amount of activity students engage in during the school day and will include: Physical Education, Advanced Placement Physical Education, and Running Club. Additional activities will be offered to encourage students to take physical activity breaks throughout their daily schedules.


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